Abe’s Prize

Posted May 4th, 2013 by Sarah

We headed out to Summit Lake this morning for the fishing derby.  We baited and waited.  And waited.  And with a lot of help from a nice fellow named Fuzzy, Abe landed his first, and I’m sure not last, fish.

At first Abe was more interested in showing off the night crawlers than fishing.
Meeting his first catch.
Proud fisherman.


All grown up

Posted May 3rd, 2013 by Sarah

Some pictures of the wee ones.  Goes to show that they aren’t all that wee anymore.

Making a wish.

Learning how to catch the big one for tomorrow’s fishing derby.

Abe launched into the telling of tall tales all by himself. "It was this big!"


Garden 2012

Posted August 16th, 2012 by Sarah

Last year our garden was wildly successful.  This year it is just wild.  A dry June was followed by 11 days without electricity- thus 11 days without an electric fence- which took the deer 8 days to figure out.  Plastic bags and dryer sheets did not keep them away, but chunks of scattered Irish Spring did.  June was wetter than wet- and while we needed the rain- the weeds did not. Day after day was too much for our little tiller- so up they grew, along with the garden.  I thought gardens were supposed to be relaxing, not a source of stress?  This year it is both.

Gone to seed garlic
Barely beets
Deer browsed edamame

Oregano, chives, and weeds

Stressful, relaxing, and tasty.  And still so worth it.